Route description to the Grünauerhof

Route description, travel map and route planner - making it easy for you to find your way to us.


Coming by car

Driving here via the autobahn, take the Wals exit - follow signs for
Wals - stay on the main highway until you come to the first intersection
with a traffic light (a car dealership is on the left-hand side, a
garden center on the right). Take a right at this light and head into
the town of Wals. Keep on this road. After you pass the Raiffeisenkasse
(a bank on the right-hand side), you will come to an intersection where
you will make a left (you'll be staying on the priority road, the
"Walser Straße"); continue to the next cross street (Grünauer Straße)
and turn right. You will then come to a stop sign. Keep heading straight
down this same road, which will take you directly to us. You will notice
signs for "Grünau" at each intersection, which will let you know you are
on the right track.

We wish you an enjoyable, safe trip here to us!