The Grünau whets your appetite for more

Outdoor sporting activity doesn't only result in greater wellbeing and a stronger person, it also soothes your spirit and creates greater balance in your life. How wonderful, then, that the Grünau - with its forests, meadows, the River Saalach - and the countless opportunities in the immediate area and broader region, is able to do justice to your individual needs for exercise and balance.

Active Holidays

If you spend any time at all in this wonderful area, you will quickly begin to appreciate and love the natural setting which surrounds our hotel. The region serves up countless excursion destinations, while boundless sporting activities await you virtually right outside our front door. Guests can borrow a bicycle from right here at the hotel and enjoy a leisurely bike ride all the way into Salzburg City. The bike path along the banks of the Saalach takes you into the very heart of the city, where a stroll through the famous Getreidegasse and a visit to the fortress, with its amazing views of Salzburg City, will serve as the crowning conclusion to this wonderful outing.

Nature and much more

But for families who love to hike, avid mountain bikers, avowed culture-lovers, passionate explorers and crack golfers, the Grünauerhof also serves as an ideal base from which to do wonders for your body and mind. Rest assured, boredom will never be a factor.